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Trenchcoat Bab
Ych I'm Cas Trash////
Tbh I'm really proud of the shading on this one///
Welp, imma go be trash somewhere else uwu
So this is Harpy. She is human, and in love with Gamma. However Gamma does not love her back since Gamma cannot love humans.
Harpy's personality:
-Cries easily
-Everyone's mom
-Pretty girly
-Loves baking/cooking
-Those thIGHS
-Them high waisted shirts tho-
Here's a robot thing yuck
Her name is Gamma I geuss
-Loves pastel
-loves ice cream
-originally she was a human who was experimented on to create a super computer but she became smart enough to question why she was taking orders
-she broke out of her laboratory and started a new life I geuss
-She is unable to feel sympathy toward any other living thing
-she is able to feel attraction but only towards other Androids
-She can be attracted to ALL robotic genders (fembots, male Androids, etc)
-really sarcastic
-Super flamboyant
-Questions everything


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United States
My hobbies include getting crushes on fictional characters, wanting to drink bleach, and eating 5 times the suggested serving size. (icon by hayliskinner)


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what do u want u gay
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